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Just a quick note to advise students that sports selections for term 2 are now open. This video shows you how to select your sport. Get in quick to get the sport you want!

Also on a sporting note, Ms Manion and the video production crew have just uploaded their video of the 2014 Athletics Carnival. Check it out here.

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Chester Hill High School is located in the vibrant Fairfield/Bankstown district of Sydney. Offering a tranquil atmosphere with lovely gardens and modern facilities, it is a pleasure to attend and visit.

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Posted on the 4th of April, 2014 at 3:13 pm
Finding the Main Idea

Catch the Finding the Main Idea Bug and share it with us.

The Finding the Main Idea Blitz is on! It would be great to hear about what you are all reading. You can do this using the new "My Journal" feature on the school website. Find this in the E-Learning menu and add a new entry telling us what you have been reading (including the author and title), the main idea and three supporting points. Make sure you add the no. 40 as the Journal Task Code. 

I read an article in the National Post this week by Sarah Boesveld, about a school in New Zealand that has removed all rules in the playground. The Main Idea is that getting rid of all playground rules has seen resulted in improvements in school behaviour. The supporting details are:

1) Swansan Public School in Auckland allows children to climb trees, ride skateboards and build mud slides on the school grounds.

2) Kids are not only totally engaged in play, but are learning as well.

3) The principal noted increased focus in the classroom, a reduction in bullying and a drop in the incidence of vandalism.

Easy! Now it's your turn.

If you need help adding a journal article, view this video.

Ms A Smith




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